When the probation period is long behind and working days become calmer you might find yourself wondering if you’ve made a right decision. Is the work you’ve chosen truly right for you?

Pleasure from work

Interesting work or project is sure a great luck. It lets you earn money for what you love doing, for what makes your life fulfilled and more exciting. Moreover, it gives you an understanding of what exactly your daily effort might give to the World and other people. Isn’t it a great motivation to wake up in the morning: knowing you’ll dedicate the day to the work useful for humankind?

But sometimes truly finding your calling takes changing a number of companies or even fields of activity. And it’s totally worth it. After all, in the future, looking back, you will proudly realize that you’ve dedicated your life to not just profitable, but also your favorite work.

Flexibility of work schedule

Recently many professionals started to think about their working schedule. World trends are moving towards a free working mode. Employees want more time for out-of-work self-realization, family, and hobbies. Flexible schedule can help you feel life in full without loosing of career development.

If it is really important for you that your boss would be understanding to your requests for temporarily remote work, a longer vacation or working day schedule changes, take it as a starting point to decide if a certain job is right for you.

The team atmosphere

Very often small companies can boast of a trustful family atmosphere in the office, but can’t compete with big holdings in terms of wages range. This is also one of the criteria that affect the employee’s loyalty to the company. Friendly environment, understanding, and assistance of colleagues mean a lot to gentle people or those who just worship their inner balance.

Don’t underestimate the importance of this factor. Spending each day of life among people who can understand, accept and support you is a precious benefit which makes every day at work pleasant and positive.

Growth and development

Career growth is another factor that should be included in the list of crucial ones. Technically each job opportunity implies possible career growth in the future. But it takes working in a company for a little while to understand how achievable this growth is.

Here comes the time for an active, progressive, pushing employees when they “grow out” of their usual workplace. You’ve developed new skills and interests? You feel the need to work with bigger projects? It means you really should start growing! And if your company is unable to provide you with new job horizons to reach, don’t be afraid to start searching for the next employer with higher potential.


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